What are the disadvantages of a distance-learning course?

High self-discipline requirement

One of the greatest advantages of distance-learning is the flexibility in terms of time.  But this can also be a disadvantage for some students. When there are no fixed, obligatory times for lectures etc.,  there is a danger that too little time will be invested in the studies. Self-discipline is therefore crucial.

Under certain conditions, a danger of social isolation

For some people, being free to choose the place to study is also a disadvantage, because there is a danger of social isolation if the student spends too much time alone at home studying and stops taking part in social life. This danger is actually only significant if you also work in a profession which involves little human interaction. In distance-learning courses in which the internet plays an important role (that is, most of them), you can also interact socially while learning over the internet.

So it is not only important to take responsibility for your own learning, but there also needs to be a healthy work-learn-life balance. It is often not easy to combine distance-learning, a family and a career without having to make compromises in one area or another, and giving up leisure time. So it can happen that distance-learning takes longer than originally planned, because the time burden is underestimated by the student at the start, or because not enough organisation and discipline is invested in the course of study.