You decide

You are flexible with your time and your location.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could study whenever and wherever you wanted? At home, at the office or anywhere on the face of the earth – and in such a way that neither your job nor your family life suffered as a result? With us you are fully independent from day one.

Individual selection of modules

As somebody who can already look back on your own education and professional experience, you know exactly what you want. That's why we give you a free hand in selecting your modules. Of all the units of study (modules) we offer, only a few core modules are obligatory. By far the greater number of your modules you choose for yourself – depending on your own interests or particular ambition.

Online instead of required attendance periods

We avoid required attendance periods, replacing them with optional online sessions. On the one hand, this is to spare you the hassle of packed lecture halls and seminar rooms. On the other, this is to save you money. Because required attendance always means additional travel and accommodation costs. And almost more importantly, you don't have to use up your annual holiday entitlement on it. Why not kick back instead, or celebrate your graduation?

Learn at your own pace

It's up to you how long you spend studying. If you invest around 10 hours per week, you'll be finished in one year. But you can also shorten your studies or extend them, up to 24 months.